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Stamping Fixtrue

Stamping Fixtrue

The checking fixture project have 36 items ,we do our best to highest quality and efficency to finish all the project.

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At the part production site, on-line inspection of parts is achieved by means of a checking fixture. For this purpose, the parts need to be accurately mounted on the checking fixture, and then visual inspections, or measurement tables, or calipers are used to inspect the part face and the periphery. The inspection pin or visual inspection performs visual inspection on the holes of different parts and the connection position between the parts and the parts, so as to ensure rapid judgment of the quality state of the parts during trial production and start-up production. In this case, visual inspection or measurement can be used to determine: The deviation between the size and shape area around the part contour and the relative position and the theoretical value of the checking fixture directly processed by CAD/CAM. 

For some extremely important functional dimensions on the part, it is also possible to use a checking fixture for numerical detection. It is usually impossible to directly obtain the precise coordinate value of the part based on the body coordinate system by means of the inspection tool. Instead, the part is placed on the inspection tool and measured by the coordinate measuring machine. The structure of modern checking fixtures is considered at the same time as it can be used as a measuring stand. However, when the online inspection function and the measurement support function of the inspection tool cannot be satisfied at the same time, the online inspection function of the inspection tool should be satisfied first.

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CNC Machining(Milling/Turning), Grinding

Electroplating Chromium Treatment

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Quality Control

CMM (3D Coordinate Measuring Machine), Vms-2515G 2D Projector, HR-150 A Hardness Tester


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